About Me

I deliver perfect pictures and photos each and every time. This is very important for me because my clients pleasure is the most important for me

My clients love my attention to detail and the fact that I can deliver the best quality pictures no matter what the situation ! I have taken pictures of dogs, cats, cats and dogs (try that one!), beautiful interiors, portraits, etc - you name it and I might have already done it!

To delve deeper into my projects, my reasons for choosing them and inspiration, please see my 'highlighted work'. You'll notice that I referred a lot of times to Strand of Silk' How to prepare for an Indian wedding guide and high heel confidential's pictures of Bollywood celebrities to understand poses and backgrounds. It seems that Indians like their movies. A lot. This background information proved so informative when tackling International projects and is now something I take a great pride in doing before starting every project.

For years I had dedicated myself only to animals’ photos for advertisements or for competitions. Today I have diversified while continuing this passion that I have for animals. That is why It’s the first photos which you can see when you come onto my site - because it has and will continue to be an important part of my life.

Since this chapter in my life I have had the opportunity to work several times for models' taking professional photos, and for magazines. A lot of my works are public and you can see them in magazines or on advertisements. I am very proud of my career thus far and look forward to seeing what is next.

Today I tend to take more emotionally charged photos because that is where I believe creates the most interesting and insightful photography.

I was taken by my passion for the photo from my 8 years, when I photographed my dog and my cats. I adored photographing them, it allowed me to be create and gave me the challenge of capturing a photo of a sometimes unwilling subject. I used to think and still do, that animals are models for the man.

Before beginning any paid work I ask clients to allow me to create a brief of what they are looking for, which I will do by sitting down with them and talking things through. This is especially important in the case of a bride and groom because I need to understand what their wedding will be like and what type of photos they are hoping to have e.g. portrait photos with family members. This extra information will assist me in defining the type of photos that I’m going to take.